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Collection at the Orange County Historical Museum

Orange County Historical Museum has over 2,000 artifacts, books, photographs, and documents in its collection. Highlights of the collection include the Colonial Weights and Measures, the Orange Guard Flag, the three Whisett Murals and the 1891 Tate Map of Orange County. The Museum collects Orange County objects, which are used to tell the story of Orange County history and assist researchers. Artifacts from more than 300 years of Hillsborough and Orange County history are currently displayed in the museum's main exhibits.   

Preserving the Collection

While the museum does its best to protect artifacts in the collection, fragile items sometimes need professional care. The cost of conservation is substantial, but necessary to ensure that the collection is available for future generations.  

Our Adopt An Artifact Program allows community members, foundation, and corporations to donate money that is used solely for conservation efforts. Contact us to learn more! 

Caring for Your Own Special Collection

Many families have their own special  collections of papers, books, and photographs.  Caring for them can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be.  Many techniques to preserve  collections can be done at home, using materials available in catalogs  and online.  

Learn more about caring for your family’s treasures at the American Institute for Conservation's Caring for Your Treasures page.  

Donating to the Collections

If you have an item or collection of items that you are interested in donating to the museum, please view our Acquisition Policy below. You will learn what type of materials we collect and how to go about making a donation.   

Acquistion Policy

Acquisition_Information (pdf)