Digital Exhibitions

1891 Tate Map of Orange County

The map (left) of Orange County, which is in the museum's collection, was produced in 1891 by George Tate. It shows churches, schools, important businesses, industrial sites, and some residences, along with notable geographic features and roads. 

Click on the map (below), created by Peter Zasowsk, to see some of the points of interest from the 1891 map marked on a modern satellite view of the same area.

Points of Interest 

  • Governer Burke's Grave
  • Hillsborough Depot
  • Cemetery on Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill
  • Chestnut Ridge Methodist Church
  • Junction of Chapel Hill Railroad and North Carolina Railroad lines
  • Chapel Hill Depot
  • Dodson Crossroads

Due to the dangers of weathering and deterioration, the museum can no longer display the original canvas map. However, we have a full-scale facsimile available for visitors to view.